Nicholas Folland

Currently the Head of Contemporary Studies and Sculpture at Adelaide Central School of Art, Nicholas Folland is an installation artist who lives and works in Adelaide. In 2005, he completed a Master of Visual Arts at the University of Sydney, following a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of South Australia, completed in 1999. In 1999 he was awarded a Samstag International Visual Art Scholarship. 

At the centre of Folland’s practice is a reinterpretation of the ordinary and banal. By utilising common domestic materials, repurposed furniture, natural fibres, taxidermy and ice, Folland manifests fables of historical reference, exposing cultural differences and tapping into our individual and accumulated sense of identity. By marrying his sculptures with natural elements (ice and heat) the artist gives agency to these objects offering an opportunity for continued action and reflection. Captivated by his own family’s historical journey to Australia and referencing the extreme climates and sometimes ill-fated journeys of explorers, Folland’s work has a significant place in contemporary society. 

His 2014 exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia, The extreme climate of Nicholas Folland presented key examples of Folland’s work, made over a ten year period, alongside works of art from the Gallery’s collection. He was the feature artist of the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival that year, having been selected as the 2014 subject of the annual Wakefield Press monograph on South Australian living artists. That same year he also exhibited at Flinders University Art Museum as part of the Microscope Project and in the exhibition Touch and go at GAG Projects (Greenaway Art Gallery).

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