Jack Cross

Jack Cross grew up in the lower Flinders Ranges amid the influences of the German Lutheran community. He holds qualifications from Adelaide Teachers College, the University of Adelaide, the University of Melbourne and Stanford University in California, and has worked as a teacher, free-range poultry farmer and Associate Professor at the University of South Australia.

Jack spent five years as a Research Fellow in Australian History at the University of Adelaide. For twenty years he was Head of Studies in Education at the Underdale campus of what is now the University of South Australia. He was a founder of the Aboriginal Tauondi College at Port Adelaide and the Anangu Teacher Education program at Ernabella in the APY Lands.

A special edition of The Teachers’ Journal acknowledged him as ‘an inspirational educator’. Author of Schooling: The Conflict of Belief (1975) and Labour &​ Learning: One Hundred Years of the WEA of South Australia (2013), for nine years he was a member of the Australian Classification Board.

Since semi-retirement, Jack has been awarded Life Membership of the WEA and the University of the Third Age Adelaide for his contribution to adult education. He is now a teacher in the History of Ideas in the Art History & Theory department at Adelaide Central School of Art.

In 2012, he was awarded the Chief Ministers Award, Darwin, for his magnum opus Great Central State (2010); in the 2013 New Years Honours, he received an Order of Australia (AM); and in 2015, he was awarded a national Distinguish Teaching Award for teaching excellence, especially for teaching Art and Design students.