Geoff Gibbons

Geoff Gibbons developed a passion for art history when he was a student at the South Australian School of Art. This led to further studies at Flinders University where he completed an honours degree in art history.  During the time he worked as an education officer at the Art Gallery of South Australia Geoff was able to indulge his interests in the history of printmaking. Geoff began to set up his own studio with an etching press obtained from Franz Kempf.  In 1975 he travelled to London to take up a national scholarship to study prints in the British Museum.  Geoff was able to make a close study of the working proofs of Rembrandt’s etchings and enrolled at the Courtauld Institute of Art.  He also made prints in the studio of a Swedish printmaker and assisted an American scholar’s research into the etchings of W. R. Sickert. On his return to Australia he taught visual arts subjects in the TAFE system. 

Geoff conducted a major in printmaking, taught life drawing, and lectured in the three year core in art history. He continued his research in art history, culminating in a thesis on the writings and art of the early Romantic artist Samuel Palmer. More recently he has developed an interest in neuroaesthetics and has presented some of his research on this subject.

Geoff has had a long interest in how we project our feelings onto landscapes, to see in them reflections of a human presence, and often draws upon these associations in his art practice. Geoff likes the range of qualities offered by intaglio processes, especially etching, and continues to explore motifs and ideas through drawing.