Adelaide Central School of Art is an incorporated association, managed by a Board of Governors. Its principal committee is the Finance, Audit and Governance Committee.

BVA and BVA (Honours) Coordinator
Sasha Grbich

Department of Drawing
Roy Ananda (Head of Department), Melanie Brown, Johnnie Dady, Trena Everuss, Rob Gutteridge, Jessica Mara, Christopher Orchard, Yve Thompson, Luke Thurgate and Lucy Turnbull.


Department of Painting
Mary-Jean Richardson (Head of Department), Daryl Austin, Deidre But-Husaim, Melanie Brown, Rob Gutteridge and Jessica Mara.

Department of Sculpture
Nicholas Folland (Head of Department), Roy Ananda, Johnnie Dady and Julia Robinson. 

Department of Art History & Theory
Zoe Freney (Acting Head of Department), Jack Cross, Dr. Andrew Dearman, Nerina Dunt, Geoff Gibbons, John Neylon and Sera Waters.

Department of Contemporary Studies
Nicholas Folland (Head of Department), James Dodd, Sasha Grbich, Dr. Sue Kneebone, Monte Masi, Julia Robinson and Luke Thurgate.