Adelaide Central School of Art is an incorporated association, managed by a Board of Governors. Its principal committee is the Finance, Audit and Governance Committee.

The Board of Governors is responsible for overseeing the sound governance and financial management of the School.

The Academic Board is responsible for advising the Board of Governors on all matters of academic policy, performance and achievement.

The Academic Committee is responsible for the development of the academic curriculum, and all matters pertaining to teaching and learning.

Board of Governors

Alan Young AM (Chair)
Nicholas Linke (Deputy Chair)
Cathy Simons (Finance Committee Chair)
Roy Ananda 
Professor Barbara Bolt 
Stephanie Ockenden
Chris Reid
Sally Parnis
Penny Griggs (CEO)
Lynette Kelly (Secretary)

Academic Board

Chris Reid (Chair)
Roy Ananda
Nicholas Folland
Elizabeth Jenner
Dr Joy McEntee
Tim O’Shea
Jenna Pippett 
Fiona Salmon
Professor Catherine Speck
Penny Griggs
Anna O’Loughlin (Secretary)


Academic Committee

Penny Griggs (Chair)
Roy Ananda (BVA & BVA [Hons] Coordinator; Head of Drawing)
Nicholas Folland (Head of Sculpture and Contemporary Studies)
Zoe Freney (Head of Art History & Theory)
Monte Masi (Level 1 Coordinator)
Mary-Jean Richardson (Head of Painting)
Anna O’Loughlin (Secretary)

image: 2016 Graduation Ceremony held at the Art Gallery of South Australia in July 2017. L-R Chris Reid, Former CEO Ingrid Kellenbach, Christopher Houghton and Alan Young. Photo by Sling Shot Studios.