$5000 School Leaver Scholarships

Our School Leaver Scholarships provide support to outstanding students to undertake the first year of full-time study of the Bachelor of Visual Art (BVA). Scholarships of up to $5000 will be awarded to successful applicants as a contribution to study-related expenses. Scholarships are open to persons who have successfully completed senior secondary school within the last three years.

The application and scholarship guidelines are here


$7500 Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours) Scholarship

Our BVA (Hons) Scholarship provides support to an outstanding student to undertake our program. The scholarship of $7500 is awarded to a successful applicant as a contribution to study-related expenses.

The 2020 BVA (Honours) Scholarship was awarded to Nicholas Hanisch.

The BVA (Hons) Scholarship guidelines and application form are here.