Personal Support

Personal and Other Counselling

The School provides a free and confidential on-site counselling and pastoral care service for both students and staff with our Counsellor, Dorothy Crosby.

The Counsellor’s role is to provide support for student and staff concerns, opportunities for personal growth, and referrals to outside assistance where needed.

Students can contact Dorothy directly to make an appointment. At the start of each semester, all current students are informed by email of the Counsellor's contact number. Students can also contact Administration or the Student Liaison officer for further information.

Some reasons people like to talk to the Counsellor include:

  • Managing anxiety, stress and depression
  • Crisis support: when things get too much to handle independently
  • Basic budgeting advice, and referrals for welfare/emergency assistance or other practical support
  • Setting goals and working towards a successful future
  • Grief, loss and changes in lifestyle/relationships
  • Balancing family, work and study commitments
  • Personal development, increasing self-confidence. Anything that affects a student or staff member’s life and ability to study and work.

Information on External Services

The Student Liaison Officer and the Counsellor can provide information on a range of external services that are available to students, in the areas of health and medical, mental health, sexual assault and harassment, and emergency accommodation.