Affiliations & Partnerships

We maintain close relationships with arts organisations across Australia and internationally. We reguarly partner with the Art Gallery of South AustraliaJamFactory and Guildhouse to deliver programs, events and learning opportunities for our community.

Artlink Australia is situated at our Glenside campus allowing us to offer intergrated learning opportunities with their editorial team. We share a close benchmarking partnership with the National Art School and have worked with their Drawing Department to deliver an ongoing collaboration called The Drawing Exchange. We also maintain an academic relationship with the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.

Closer to home, we have established a new partnership with the Royal South Australian Society of Arts and Carbins Trust, who are supporting two school-leaver scholarships. We are also working with them to offer a recent graduate under 30 a professional development opportunity at the Royal Academy of Arts in London to commence in 2021.

Central Studios, situated in Kent Town, is a group of independent, professional visual artists working in association with our school community. Central Studios provides an exemplar of professional practice for our students and graduates.

Ripple Artist Studios, Switchboard, Floating Goose StudiosCollective HauntThe Mill, the Boiler Room and Holy Rollers also accommodate a number of our graduates and lecturers. Other studio collectives are being formed as our students graduate and seek collegiate support while developing their emerging careers.

Atelier and the Adelaide Central School of Art Painting Group provide a forum in which alumni can maintain their connection with our community and current students can benefit from member's experience. 

Cross Institutional Study

Students can undertake electives with other higher education providers, including South Australian School of Art, University of South Australia, University of Adelaide and Flinders University. Contact our Student Liaison Officer for more info.

Photo: Installation by Kate Morkunas