Warm Earth

Bridget Currie & Bernadette Klavins

Wednesday 18 September - Friday 25 October

In this captivating new exhibition, artists Bridget Currie and Bernadette Klavins invite the audience to become enveloped in a rich sensorial environment. Utilising natural materials sourced from the Adelaide Parklands, including mulch and gleaned timber, the improvised sculptural arrangements prompt us to contemplate the cyclical processes of fecund life and decay. Currie and Klavins share a fascination with the interaction between natural forces and the built environment; this collaboration is a sensitive and evocative consideration of the human presence within an ecosystem. Poetic and generous, this brand new installation by two of South Australia’s most exciting artists is not to be missed.

Opening Event
Tuesday 17 September | 6pm - 8pm

banner image | Warm Earth, 2019, Bridget Currie & Bernadette Klavins