Unique State

Tuesday 18 June – Friday 19 July

Susanna Castleden, Ben Forster, Min Wong, alongside artist collectives Stone & Quoin Studio, Union St Printmakers and #6Manton.

Unique State explores various forms of expanded and experimental printmaking. The exhibition will include Susan Castleden’s awe-inducing 1:1 scale frottage works, which reproduce the intricate textures of caravans and aeroplane wing-tips. Ben Forster’s Discourse imagines a dialogue between the father of modern capitalism, Adam Smith, and Karl Marx, the co-author of the Communist Manifesto, through the medium of department store receipt printers. Min Wong’s digital collages are transferred to voluminous vinyl curtains, which glisten with lavish colour. The exhibition also features the community driven work of printmaking collectives, Union St Printmakers, Stone and Quoin Studio, and #6Manton. This element of the exhibition is coordinated by South Australian printmaker, Simone Tippet, and underscores the social, democratic spirit which underlies many contemporary printmaking studios.

Opening Event
Tuesday 18 June
Adelaide Central Gallery, 6pm – 8pm

banner image | detail: Susanna Castleden, 11 Gangway, 2016, rubbing on gesso on paper maps.