Stilled Life

Cassie Thring

2 August - 3 September
Level 2, Teaching and Studio Building


In Stilled Life, Thring confronts her personal dilemma with the ambiguous nature of taxidermy ‘trophy’ heads, which conflictingly represent achievement and death.  Taxidermists’ earnest and sensitive attempts to restore life also become a paradox, as their efforts only further ‘still’ the animal. Inspired by early and current image-making technologies, Thring explores alternative concepts of ‘still-life’ with video, paint, sculpture and photography.

Opening Event

Tuesday 16 August at 6 - 8pm, all welcome
Opening speaker: Ingrid Kellenbach, CEO, Adelaide Central School of Art

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About the Artist

Cassie Thring studied to be an art teacher before marrying and moving to the country, where she established a home studio and focused on a ceramic art practice, specialising in commercial slip-cast tableware. She also held private art classes, worked as an artist assistant at Kaniva School in rural Victoria, and was artist in residence at St Catherine's School in Stirling, South Australia, from 2009-2010.

After returning to Adelaide in 2007, Thring commenced formal study at Adelaide Central School of Art. She graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Visual Art and now works from Floating Goose Studios, an artist run initiative in Morphett Street, Adelaide.

Thring exhibits regularly in solo and group shows, and her work is collected nationally and internationally. Her practice is informed by an interest in the everyday, with a focus on shifting perceptions of the familiar. Everyday moments are given new contexts and are often poetically and humorously described through her multi-disciplinary practice.


Exhibition hours
Monday, Thursday & Friday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday & Wednesday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 1pm - 4pm


banner image | detail: Cassie Thring, only black, 2016, photograph on German etching paper in lightbox, 40 x 40 cm