Art Work

2 February - 5 March 2016

Art Work transposes the private world of the artist studio in to the public realm of the gallery. Adelaide artists Nancy Downes and Lucy Turnbull collaborate for the first time, responding to site, audience and each other. Through new and reconfigured work, they have performed the development of an exhibition, foregrounding process and engagement with the makers.

In transforming Adelaide Central Gallery into a stage, part studio and part theatre, Downes and Turnbull discover parallels in their thinking and making. The School, on behalf of the artists, invites you experience the project as it continues to evolve.

Exhibition events

Celebration drink with the artists
Wednesday 17 February 2016, 6 – 8 pm, cash bar available

Gallery Opening Hours
Mon, Thurs - Fri 9am - 5pm, 
Tues - Wed 9am - 7pm
Sat 1 - 4pm (during exhibition periods)

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Artist statements

Nancy Downes

In this project I will navigate the common ground between artists, inviting unexpected outcomes through the constraint of time and specifically selected materials. Presence and absence will be explored thematically in relation to the body, with an emphasis on ambiguous and emotionally activated spaces, and embodied materialism. Viewers’ haptic senses will be stimulated through corporeally evocative shapes and installations that will emerge from intuitive drawing investigations, and utilise a method of thinking in opposites. The resulting entities and spaces in-between will speculate on notions of absence, presence and rest on the interplay between the two.

Nancy Downes is a visual artist who specialises in installation and painting who graduated with First Class Honours from Adelaide Central School of Art in 2015.

Lucy Turnbull

I intend to explore the body and space through this exhibition. I will begin by making large charcoal drawings of life size figures from observation and also imagination, whilst collecting information about curves, mass and shapes for future investigation and exploration. I will respond to the changing environment of the gallery space and its interior by recording the many details and measurements in segments, which can be connected in a panorama. These two lines of inquiry will cross paths and tell the story of the layered pictorial spaces that I am so fascinated by.

Lucy Turnbull is a portrait and figurative painter who graduated from Adelaide Central School of Art with a Bachelor of Visual Art (Hons) in 2010.