Zoe Freney

Zoe Freney is a writer and artist and educator based in the Adelaide Hills.

Zoe studied Visual Arts, majoring in Painting, at the Adelaide Central School of Art and Adelaide Centre for the Arts. She was awarded the 2004 Alumni Scholarship and the 2002 Scholarship for Continuing Students at Adelaide Central School of Art. In 2010 she graduated from the Masters in Art History (Research) at Adelaide University, with a High Distinction, for her dissertation on women in the Indian Mughal courts during the 16th and 17th centuries, as depicted in Mughal miniature paintings from this period. Her writing and painting explore notions of love and wonder in the everyday.

Zoe has been selected to participate in writing masterclasses in Adelaide and interstate, receiving recognition for her work, and networking with established arts writers. She has written for numerous internet publications and local arts industry and student publications. She has an ongoing relationship with JamFactory, Adelaide, writing exhibition essays, wall texts and reviews.

Small Wonders - My paintings are still-lifes inspired by the flotsam and jetsam of family life. They are made amongst the detritus of home and celebrate it. Just maybe they remind us of what these scenes looked like when we saw them with a child’s imagination. They are small yet often jewel-like and magical, just like everyday life if we care to notice. In this way I ask the viewer to reconsider those little things they may take for granted.