Kirsty Darlaston

Kirsty completed her doctorate at the University of South Australia, focusing on embodied encounters during a community tapestry project, in 2011. She has worked on a number of community tapestry projects in South Australia and Victoria and is the Project Officer for the Guildhouse Traditional Craft Skills Project.

Kirsty has tutored and lectured at the University of South Australia and was the Acting Head of Textiles at The Australian National University. She has written on bio-art, new media art and contemporary visual art for Realtime, Eyeline and Artlink, as well writing on textiles projects for craft journals.

She is interested in the artwork as a site of encounter: the relationship between the maker, the artwork and the viewer. Her research focuses on mapping what people do when viewing artworks, how they look and move. In 2014 she had the opportunity to undertake a year-long residency at the ANU School of Computer Sciences, where she engaged with researchers using vision and gesture mapping technologies to look at how the eyes move when viewing art.