Adelaide Central School of Art will stand for excellence in the education and training of a wide community of visual artists, and for the quality and success of its graduates and teachers in the visual arts field. It will have a solid reputation locally, nationally and internationally, and be the institution of choice for future practising artists.


The School’s goals encompass artistic, educational and social responsibilities.


To encourage traditional, contemporary and innovative approaches to visual art while showing respect for cultural difference and traditions. To achieve these goals it is inclusive, progressive, national and international. It promotes cross-cultural learning and encourages intellectual enquiry, intuition, practical skills and passion.


To enable learning in an environment of creativity and excellence that empowers the individual to maximise their skills, knowledge and commitment to the artistic profession.


To assist students, faculty and staff to strive for a sense of community and belonging through local, national and international networks, and support its community to be part of a broader artistic society.