PP/VT (Performance Presence / Video Time)

Curator: Dr Anne March

Presented by the Australian Experimental Art Foundation at Adelaide Central School of Art.
Lauren Brincat (NSW), Jess Olivieri & Hayley Forward with the Sydney Chamber Choir (NSW), Patrick Rees (Los Angeles/SA)


Opening speaker
Dr Anne Marsh  |  PP/VT Curator  |  Professorial Research Fellow, VCA, University of Melbourne
Tuesday 31 March 2015 | 6 - 8pm. Exhibition concludes Friday 15 May 2015

6:30pm Performance | Clark Beaumont


What is experimental today when 'performance art' is undergoing a renaissance around the world? What we are seeing today is a new investigation into ephemeral art that is challenging the assumptions of an older generation. When Marina Abramovic presented 7 Easy Pieces at Guggenheim (2005) she re-performed iconic works by other artists of her generation and in doing so opened a controversial dialogue about originality and authorship which split the art world. Today younger artists are pursuing collaborations, remediated performances, performance for screen, participatory work and re-performances that destabilise the role of the artist as auteur and the once enshrined notion of the artist's presence. They explore new approaches in the public sphere. Some practice is influenced by relational aesthetics that has affirmed the rituals of everyday life and promoted public engagement.

PP/VT major component at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AEAF) 2 April - 16 May 2015
Frances Barrett (NSW), Catherine Bell (VIC), boat-people.org (NSW), Brown Council (NSW), Clark Beaumont (NSW), Kelly Doley (NSW), Ray Harris (SA), Simone Hine (VIC), Deborah Kelly (NSW), Alex Martinis Roe (Berlin/VIC), Fiona McGregor (NSW), Nasim Nasr (SA), Tom Nicholson (VIC), Sarah-Jane Norman (NSW/Germany/UK), Mira Oosterweghel (VIC), Jill Orr (VIC), Eugenia Raskopoulos (NSW), Jill Scott (Zurich), senVoodoo (NSW), Diana Smith (NSW), Arthur Wicks (NSW), Ana Wojak (NSW) 

Symposium  |  You Had To Be There  |  15 May 2015 Bradley Forum, UniSA
For more information contact AEAF on (08) 8211 7505 or info(at)aeaf.org.au 

Symposium Speakers  |  Nicholas Tsoutas (NSW) Convenor, Edward Sheer (NSW) Keynote, Dr Anne Marsh (VIC), Catherine Bell (VIC), Lauren Brincat (NSW), Julie Henderson (SA), Samone Hine (VIC), Jess Olivieri (NSW), Bree Richards (QLD), Diana Smith (NSW)

PP/VT is supported through an Experimental Arts Grant, Australia Council for the Arts


banner image | boat-people.org, Muffled Protest 2010, Federation Square, Melbourne




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