abstract | narrative

An exhibition of works by Tom Borgas (SA), Kristian Glynn (Vic) and Yve Thompson (SA)

Abstract: of or relating to the formal aspect of art, emphasising lines, colours, generalised or geometrical forms, etc., especially with reference to their relationship to one another.
Narrative: representing stories or events pictorially or sculpturally.

Opened by
Roy Ananda | Artist and Head of Drawing
Adelaide Central School of Art
6.00 – 8.00pm
Tuesday 16 June 2015


To view the Provenance Price and Title List with brief artist biographies and statements, please click here.


Exhibition concludes Friday 17 July 2015


Banner image | Kristian Glynn, Wisecrack on Popeye (detail), 2015

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Jane Llewellyn, 'abstract | narrative', The Adelaide Review, June 2015, pp.34-35