Help Save Glenside Hospital Trees

Cedar Woods Properties Limited is the company that has bought the 16.8 hectare parcel of land within the Glenside Health and Cultural Precinct. In partnership with Renewal SA they produced a Masterplan in May 2015 with the aim to build 1,000 dwellings on the site. On 25 November 2016, Cedar Woods lodged a Development Application (DA) to the Development Assessment Commission.

Adelaide Central School of Art is concerned that the Masterplan and the subsequent DA have been produced without consideration for the concerns raised at public meetings in 2015/16, and also without proper consultation with the organisations that already operate on the Glenside site (including the School, SA Health and the SA Film Corp).

The School is very disappointed to see that more than 50% of the total number of trees on the site are now recommended for removal in the DA. Of the 161 trees* on the site, 83 are proposed to be removed. 55 of these are regulated trees and 28 are significant - some with a circumference up to 4.88m. This number is in complete contrast to the statements made by Cedar Woods in their Masterplan, including: “Proposed building areas and road reserves have been carefully located to ensure almost all of the significant and regulated trees are preserved.”

One of the School’s major concerns is that the trees have been recommended for removal due to a report (commissioned by the Cedar Woods) that recommends soil remediation due to contamination. This led the School to question why it is not possible for the developers to design the site in a way that retains the majority of significant and regulated trees, as the new SA Health Facility did in 2014/15? The clearance of the trees at this time may turn out to be excessive and does not take into consideration the significant bird and wildlife that live in the area.

“The likely destruction in the new year of 83 significant and regulated trees from the Glenside Health Campus is unnecessary, premature and against community wishes,” says Mark Parnell MLC, Parliamentary Leader of the Greens SA in his Media Release. “A far better approach would be to wait until the whole package of development is ready and then decide how to proceed; keeping as many trees and as much open space as possible.”

It is a disappointment for the School to have been excluded from the planning process, and that the vision for this site being a health and cultural precinct seems to have changed dramatically.

We encourage our students, graduates, staff and community to help Save Glenside Hospital Trees by:

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Ingrid Kellenbach, CEO
Adelaide Central School of Art