Chapter Two...

William Anschutz, Johnnie Dady, Rita Hall, Dee Jones, Christopher Orchard, Anna Platten, Rory Richardson, Rod Taylor, and Lisa Young


2 April 2014 - 2 May 2014

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visceral eye

Stephanie Bromley, Anna Gore, Rhiannon Jones and Jenna Pippett


25 February - 21 March 2014

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Morgan Allender, Nic Brown, Katia Carletti, Chris de Rosa, Helen Fuller, Angela Valamanesh, Lisa Young and George Zacharoyannis


21 January - 14 February 2014

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In Good Company

Level 3: Lily Ahlefeldt, Sue Boettcher, Caroline Georgiou, Irene Kontakos, Roger Myles, Lisa Nguyen, Ellie Noir, Courtney Rodgers, Mary Ann Santin, Liana Vargas


Level 4: Suha Choi, Anna Gore, James Holdsworth, Rhiannon Jones, Kate Kurucz, Jess Nolan, Jenna Pippett, Tricia Ross, Jess Taylor, Sam Trevaskis, Therese Williams


1 - 15 December 2012

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Chelsea Lehmann Masterclass

This masterclass was led by Chelsea Lehmann and explored the creative tension between what constitutes a painting and a picture, uniting images from Art History and now.

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